Sydney eating guide

An independent selection of the best eateries from fine dining to street food in Sydney, from Rusty Compass. No paid endorsements.

Sydney eating guide


| 14 Jun 2021
Last updated 14 Jun 2021

Welcome to the Rusty Compass guide to eating in Sydney. Melbourne might have the global reputation. But Sydney’s culinary offerings are pretty special too. A big part of Sydney’s appeal is its international dining. Seafood's also a big deal here. In this guide, we’ll feature neighbourhoods of delicious culinary possibility in Sydney.

Chinese cuisine might be Sydney’s most enduring international cuisine - dating back to the Gold Rush of the 1850s. Sydney's connection to China and its delicious and diverse cuisine has only deepened in recent decades. Sydney's Chinatown is one of the most vibrant outside of the Middle Kingdom. And there are pockets of delicious Chinese food throughout suburban Sydney too.

The first wave of immigrants to hit Sydney after Wordl War II livened up a pretty basic local scene with Italian, Greek and other European flavours.

The last 40 years have seen Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian and more arrive from across the regional neighbourhood. South Asian, Middle Eastern and African arrivals in Australia have also produced their own wonderful tasty culinary enclaves in Sydney.

Welcome to Rusty Compass’s guide to eating in Sydney. Over the coming months we’ll be heading to the city's most exciting food strips to give you tips on where you’ll find the most delicious bites.

Stay tuned as these pages evolve.

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