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2016 - our favourite travel videos

| 21 Dec 2016
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21 Dec 2016

A little collection of favourite videos from our travels in 2016 - Saigon, Hanoi, Laos and more. Enjoy!

This post is a collection of some of our favourite videos from our Vietnam and Laos travels in 2016.

From Saigon's streets in the 1990s and today, to Sapa, to Laos, a leper colony in Quy Nhon, and the old death bullet hydrofoils operating the Saigon river to Vung Tau. It's been another great year on the road.

It's all original footage created by us.

Thanks for your support in 2016. We look forward to bringing you more of the wonders of South East Asia in 2017.



These two videos capture Sapa’s increasingly visible extremes - the natural and traditional landscapes and the heavy hand of tourism development with concrete and steel that increasingly defines Vietnam.





Hanoi’s incredible architectural heritage is a huge part of of its appeal - from French colonial gems to traditional temples and pagodas. The fact you can explore most of it on foot is another highlight.






Nowhere in Vietnam is changing faster than Saigon. These videos tell just a little of that story. There’s some footage of Saigon in the early 90s. And then there’s some footage of the time I had the privilege of joining Neil Finn of Crowded House fame on stage at Australia Day in Saigon back in 1998.







Quy Nhon

Tourism in a leper colony? Yes. It’s not as it sounds. Check it out.



Vung Tau

The old Russian hydrofoils to Vung Tau may not survive much longer. They probably don’t meet world best practice safety standards - but this is an amazing ride. 

And for Australians, a visit to the site of the battle of Long Tan is becoming increasingly popular - and controversial.




From Vietnam to Laos by public bus and river boat

Two videos covering an amazing journey from Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam’s north, to stunning Luang Prabang to Laos.




Hoi An and Hue

In these videos from central Vietnam, first we visit the Cham ruins at My Son, arguably Vietnam’s most important ancient ruin.

Then we head north to Hue, a favourite city in Vietnam, for a little exploration of the street food scene - bun bo Hue and bun thit nuong.





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