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Talking plastic with Vincent Mourou from Marou chocolate

| 01 Jun 2017
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01 Jun 2017

Last week we began a little initiative to reduce the amount of plastic waste in Vietnam’s hospitality industry - and to help raise public awareness about the problem. This week, we met with Vincent Mourou, co-founder of Marou Chocolate - Vietnam’s favourite chocolate producers. Turns out Marou have been taking steps to reduce plastic waste for some time. Here’s what they’re up to.

Last week we posted a video and a blog piece about Vietnam’s disastrous plastic waste situation. The plastic problem plays out on the country’s streets, beaches, parks - everywhere. And that’s before it makes its way into the waterways and the sea.

We believe a lot of the plastic waste produced by cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels, is unnecessary. And we’re seeking out businesses who are taking meaningful action to reduce their plastic waste output. We’ve been focused on contacting restaurants we recommend in our Saigon Eating list so far.

Yesterday I met with the team from Marou Chocolate - Vietnam’s globally recognised chocolate producers. 


Maison Marou, Saigon
Photo: Mark Bowyer Maison Marou, Saigon


Maison Marou, Saigon
Photo: Mark Bowyer Maison Marou, Saigon


Team Marou - Plastic free
Photo: Mark Bowyer Team Marou - Plastic free

Marou have been serious about controlling plastic waste since they opened their doors last year. They don’t serve plastic water bottles, they don’t serve drinks in plastic cups, and they recently stopped using plastic straws too.

As co-founder Vincent Mourou points out though, Marou haven’t completely eliminated plastic yet - but they’ve made solid progress. And they’re exploring further possibilities.

Vincent also makes the point that plastic is a poor product for serving quality beverages - there are environmental and brand benefits from taking action against plastic waste. 

So if incredible chocolate and coffee aren’t enough to entice you to Maison Marou in Saigon, you now have another reason - a plastic free cafe experience.

Maison Marou is located at 167-169 Calmette, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


If your business is taking meaningful action to reduce plastic waste, let us know. We're planning to build a list of businesses that are doing their bit to help reduce plastic waste and raise awareness.

Mark Bowyer
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