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Travel has changed forever I - risk and reward

| 30 Nov 2022
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30 Nov 2022

When borders began to reopen in Australia and South East Asia at the end of February 2022, I found myself very quickly back out on the road. First stop was Cambodia for a job. Then I crashed  in Singapore for a couple of weeks, waiting for Vietnam to reopen borders. In March I headed back to Vietnam to revisit friends, think about the future of our businesses and finally revisit The Old Compass Cafe. A family visit to Canterbury in the UK followed. Even on return to Australia there was unfinished travel business. I spent a long stint in Fremantle Western Australia, before shorter spells in Canberra and The Blue Mountains.

So much travel so suddenly was a shock to the system after two years in Sydney. It was a delight to think of a world beyond my back gate again and a reminder of the privilege of travel. It was also a unique opportunity to think about how travel has changed. And how quickly it's changing.

I’ve been thinking about a video on travel changes for months. And it kept getting too big and and unwieldy. It’s one of those subjects that expands with every new thought. As is often the case, the challenge became working out where to stop.

Finally, part one of a little series of videos thinking about a changed world of international travel.  In this video, I focus on changing risks facing travellers - and how to balance them with the undeniable rewards. For decades, travel has become safer and easier. Globalisation, a more open and safe world and technology made the world more accessible. Global issues may now be reversing some of the things that have made travel so easy and available for decades.

Son La, Vietnam
Photo: Mark Bowyer Son La, Vietnam

First time to Folkestone UK
Photo: Mark Bowyer First time to Folkestone UK

COVID gave some travellers a taste of how quickly an open world can shut down. And there are many other forces at work changing the risks travellers may face in future. Extreme weather events, geopolitical changes, an unravelling of globalisation and ongoing pandemic concerns, all point to new travel risks in the future.

Here are some videos from my 2022 travels -

In the next video in the series, we’ll think about how technology is changing travel and how the tourism economy is shaped by a handful of huge players.

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