Battambang eating guide

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Battambang eating guide


| 18 Sep 2013
Last updated 18 Sep 2013

Battambang may be Cambodia's rice bowl and the centre agriculture in the country but I didn't uncover a thriving local food scene during my visit.

Travellers tend to focus their attention on a cluster of restaurants targeted squarely at then on or around St 2.

White Rose is probably closest thing to a true Khmer restaurant in this area. It has a large menu of Khmer dishes and plenty of local customers mixing with the foreign visitors passing through.

In the same area, Smokin' Pot is as popular with travellers as you'd expect with a name like that - and also offers cooking classes. There are other small eateries serving travellers that you won't miss while wandering the streets here.

Gecko Cafe is a classic traveller haven with the obligatory backpacker inclusions; pizza, burgers, tacos - and a handful of token Asian dishes, fried rice anyone?. There isn't a local in sight (except for the staff of course). Gecko is a social enterprise.

For a carnivorous light meal with the locals, try the barbeque stalls at the river end of the main market.

There are some popular local restaurants on Sala Bopea St on the eastern side of the river.

And if you want something a little more upscale, also on the eastern sider of the river, head to the atmospheric, colonial era, La Villa for an early dinner.

All the restaurants listed and Battambang Market are a short walk from each other. La Villa is around 10 minutes further on foot on the other side of the Sangker River.

Battambang restaurants -

This list is a general guide only, there are plenty of similar places in the same part of town.

White Rose - Street #2 Battambang
Smokin Pot - Street #2 Battambang
Gecko Cafe - Street #3, Battambang
La Villa - N 185 Pom Romchek 5 Kom
Phsar Nath (Battambang local market) - On the riverfront