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Roluos Group temples - Angkor

| 12 Apr 2012


Roluos Group temples - Angkor
12 kms east of Siem Reap just off Highway 6 to Phnom Penh
Sunrise to sunset
The main Angkor admission pass is required for access. US$20 per day, US$40 2 - 3 days, US$60 - 7 days

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12 Apr 2012

If you’re planning an extensive mission of temple exploration, make sure you include a vist to the three Roluos Group temples. The name is taken from a nearby village, Roluos, and the three temples, Bakong, Lolei and Preah Ko offer some insights into some of the earliest temple structures of Angkor. The Roluos temples are at the site of the first Khmer capital, Hariharalaya, established by Indravaraman I in the second half of the 9th century.

Located on the main road to Phnom Penh and slightly away from the main Angkor temple complex, the Roluos Group temples are usually less crowded.

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Preah Ko

The oldest ruin of the Roluos Group, Preah Ko was dedicated in 879AD to the worship of the Hindu deity Shiva. The main features of Preah Ko are its fine lintels, false doors and inscriptions.

Bakong,Cambodia,Roulos Group,Siem Reap
Photo: Mark BowyerRoluos group - Bakong

Bakong was inaugurated two years after nearby Preah Ko and was the state temple of King Indravarman I. Its location was at the centre of the capital, Hariharilaya. It’s much larger in scale than Preah Ko and Lolei and is the first major “temple mountain” style structure in the Angkorian kingdom.

Also dedicated to Shiva, Bakong was substantially rebuilt by the French in the 1930s. An impressive amount of stone carving has survived at the site.

Bakong is another temple that lends itself to a sunset or sunrise minus the large crowds that descend on the major temples.

Angkor,Cambodia,Lolei Temple,Roulos group,Siem Reap,temples
Photo: Mark BowyerLolei Temple

Lolei is the smallest, last consecrated (893) and the most rundown of the Roluos temples. It’s distinguished by some impressive false doors and inscriptions. There is currently major restoration work under way at the collapsing Lolei ruin.

The operational contemporary temple on the site adds to the atmosphere of the place.

Travel tips:

The Roluos Group temples are located near the turnoff to Kompong Pluk village on Ton Le Sap lake. There are a number of simple restaurants in the area that are fine for lunch so you could make a leisurely day of visiting the temples and the lake. Make sure you remember to carry your Angkor entrance pass. These cannot be obtained at the Roluos temples - only at the main entrance to Angkor.
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