Sihanoukville nightlife guide

A selection of the best bars and nightlife in Sihanoukville.

nightlife guide


| 08 Jun 2013
Last updated 08 Jun 2013

There's no shortage of nightlife in Sihanoukville - 7 nights a week. In fact the backpacker crowd is so hungry for it that nights tends to begin mid - afternoon and run through till dawn.

Sihanoukville's party scene is concentrated at the Serendipity beach bars and driven by very cheap alcohol with drugs thrown in. Don't expect spirits to be the real thing at these prices - they're mostly counterfeits from China. Many travellers have come unstuck with drugs too. Be warned.

The bars are fairly similar and they're all lined up so you can check what's buzzing on the night. There are a couple of bars along the Serendipity Beach road as well.

You don't need specifics from me. You'll find them very easily.

Otres Beach has a more mellow bar scene and by my reckoning, better tunes too. Again, the bars line the beach so you won't have any difficulty finding them.

There's plenty of other sleaze and tawdriness around town that's best avoided.

Don't be too paranoid in Sihanoukville, if you're not too silly you should be fine. Be alert to fake name brand spirits, dodgy cocktails and drugs. Women should exercise extra caution. Avoid long dark walks and lone tuktuk or motorcycle taxi rides at night.