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5ku Station restaurant, Saigon

| 17 Jun 2015


5ku Station restaurant, Saigon
29 Thai Van Lung, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
4pm till very late


Price guide: Around 300K VND per person

Our rating
17 Jun 2015

5 Ku Station is a pop-up, DIY barbecue in central Saigon - good for a relaxed outdoor dinner over a couple of cold beers.

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The five young local lads behind 5ku Station have put some of Saigon’s most valuable, vacant real estate to work as pop-up barbecue restaurants while the owners of the prized land work out what to do with it. Their Le Thanh Ton St, District 1 location is probably the most convenient for travellers staying downtown but there are others strewn about the city. They're all decorated with pallets, low wooden stools and tables - easily erected and easily removed.

You can barbecue your own beef, fish, shrimp, pork, squid and more, as well as a selection of vegetables. Vietnamese hotpot, known as “lau”, is also served.

5Ku draws an affable, sometimes noisy, crowd of locals, tourists and expats. They seem to equally relish washing down the spoils of their barbecue efforts with cold beers. And you won’t be rushed out. 5Ku Station stays open till the early hours.

Staff are young and friendly.

This is no gourmet experience - more a social barbecue. But the place has a good buzz.

The name of 5ku has the locals guessing. The word “ku” has no meaning in Vietnamese but the same word with a “c” instead of a “k” is a friendly, colloquial word for the male appendage. Vietnamese parents, especially in the north, often refer to young sons as “cu”. Some suggest the name references the five male owners.

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