Hue nightlife guide

A selection of the best bars and nightlife in Hue.

Hue nightlife guide


| 12 Nov 2018
Last updated 12 Nov 2018

Hue’s nightlife has been transformed in recent years. The once sleepy former capital now springs to life when the sun goes down. The amount of noise emanating from the bars of the tourist area will definitely get your attention. On weekends, Hue’s tourist precinct is closed to traffic. It’s well worth heading out for a wander and a drink.


Hue’s nightlife, is focused along a few streets in the tourist area. It's compact and easy to get around. Head to Vo Thi Sau, Pham Ngu Lao or Chu Van An streets. There are lots of drinkeries - though they're mostly similar in style. Proper cocktails and wine options have not arrived yet - but it can’t be long. For now it's a casual festive vibe for a few beers or spirits.


Nightlife in Hue
Photo: Mark Bowyer Nightlife in Hue- Ta Vet


Nightlife in Hue
Photo: Mark Bowyer Nightlife in Hue - XeCo Bar


Ta Vet is a buzzing beer space on Vo Thi Sau St that pulls in good crowds with occasional live music. Not a bad place to start the night.


From there, the options are endless - but all a bit similar too. So take a look at what seems to be working.


We enjoyed stopping by XeCo for a drink - it was a little more laid back with vintage decor.


Backpackers seem to like Vietnam Backpackers bar on Pham Ngu Lao St before heading to DMZ Bar - one of the oldest bars in Hue.


The Hue nights still tend to end up at Brown Eyes as they have for more than a decade. Late, noisy and can be messy. The dancefloor and the pool table are equally popular as the night rolls on. But the big crowds of young locals and tourists seem to get on fine.


Ta Vet - 11 Vo Thi Sau St, Hue
Xeco - 53 Vi Thi Sau St, Hue
Vietnam Backpackers - 10 Pham Ngu Lao St, Hue
DMZ Bar - 60 Le Loi St, Hue
Brown Eyes - 56 Chu Van An St, Hue