Vinpearl Island (aka. Bamboo Island) and cable car, Nha Trang - review by Rusty Compass
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Vinpearl Island (aka. Bamboo Island) and cable car, Nha Trang

| 25 Nov 2011
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Vinpearl Island (aka. Bamboo Island) and cable car, Nha Trang
In the bay south east of Nha Trang

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25 Nov 2011

The Vinpearl Island development off Nha Trang is a playground for Vietnam’s new rich and their international counterparts. Exclusive access, luxury resorts and a very expensive golf course are its signature attactions. A cable car connecting the island to the mainland may not be priced in the range of most Vietnamese either but it's not a bad deal for foreign travellers. The bay views as you cross are certainly memorable. Especially worthwhile if you’re travelling with kids.

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Hon Tre or Bamboo Island is the large island that sits to the south of Nha Trang’s bay, adding texture to its picturesque sunrises and sunsets. It’s one of the jewels in Nha Trang’s tourism crown. So it was something of a surprise when the whole thing was sold off to a single developer - Vinpearl Land.

The people at Vinpearl haven’t been idle. In less than ten years, they’ve renamed it (it’s now known mostly as Vinpearl Island or Vinpearl Land), constructed two resorts, an exclusive golf course, a cable car across the bay, a fun park, a waterpark and an aquarium. And of course, they’ve marked out their claim with a huge Hollywoodesque “Vinpearl” sign that shines brightly into the night for all to see.

The cable car across to the island is a good way to get an appreciation of the bay’s splendour. When you get to the other side, you’ll have access to the amusement park, aquarium and waterpark. A visit is especially worthwhile if you’re travelling with kids.

The 18USD (360,00VND - it’s less for kids) ticket is good value if you plan to use the facilities. They're all of a good standard.

If you’re travelling in Vietnamese summer holidays (June, July, August), the crowds may be stifling. Christmas and Vietnamese New Year are also busy times. When we visited in October, the place was deserted and many of the rides in the amusement park were closed.

There’s access to a small beach near the waterpark that’s very inviting until you see the commercial ships that throw down anchor a couple of hundred metres offshore.

What your ticket won’t provide is a chance to explore the island. The vast bulk of this natural asset bang in the middle of Nha Trang’s harbour, is the exclusive playground of guests at the two resorts and golfers.

If you’d like to have a glimpse at Vinpearl Resort, you can purchase tickets in advance (US$20) that will give you a few hours access to the uninspired complex and its beautiful beach. For US$50 you can have lunch there too. There is a bewildering combination of tickets with various inclusions that you can check on the Vinpearl Land website.
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