Phong Nha eating guide

An independent selection of the best eateries from fine dining to street food in Phong Nha, from Rusty Compass. No paid endorsements.

Phong Nha eating guide


| 07 Jul 2018
Last updated 07 Jul 2018

An independent guide to eating in and around Phong Nha - Ke Bang.

Phong Nha’s restaurant scene is limited. But if you like the flavours of the Vietnamese country kitchen - you can eat very well here. There are a few options for international food around town too.

Most guesthouses serve up tasty local food. Eat with the family that owns your guesthouse and you'll get an introduction to Vietnamese cuisine and local life.


Downtown Phong Nha

There are a few local eateries in downtown Phong Nha. The most local are the little street stalls as soon as you head off the highway. They set up each afternoon. Not a bad spot for a super-local beer and a feed at the end of the day.

There are a handful of basic Vietnamese restaurants along the strip opposite and around the backpacker hostels. We tried a bunch. They weren’t as good as the meals we had at the guesthouses we stayed in. But they were fine. Take your pick.

Omar's Namaste Indian seems well liked by Phong Nha expats. We didn't get to try it out.

The most popular Vietnamese eateries and Omar's are all located on the main Phong Nha strip close by the backpacker hostels.

Local restaurants - Phong Nha
Photo: Mark Bowyer Local restaurants - Phong Nha



Phong Nha Coffee Station

I got my daily coffee fix at Phong Nha Coffee Station. Huynh, the affable owner, serves espresso-style coffee using beans from Dalat in Vietnam's central highlands. It’s a nice place to hang out too.

Phong Nha Coffee Station
Photo: Mark Bowyer Phong Nha Coffee Station


Capture Cafe

Capture Cafe is the only place in town with an international cafe feel serving pizza, pasta, sandwiches and coffee.

The distinctive coffee’s from nearby Khe Sanh, scene of the 1968 Vietnam War battle. Capture’s a popular refuge for travellers seeking out flavours of home. Staff are great too.

Capture is across the road from Phong Nha Coffee Station and next to Easy Tiger backpackers.

Capture Cafe is another business from the people behind Phong Nha Farmstay, Victory Road Villas and Easy Tiger backpackers. They’re big players around town after modest beginnings at the Farmstay more than a decade ago.

All these places are clustered close by one another on the main tourist strip in Phong Nha. Check maps.

Bong Lai Valley

The backpacker cycling circuit that’s developed around the Bong Lai Valley has also spawned a good selection of local eateries. The barbecue chicken - Quang Binh province style - lunch we had at Moi Moi was the best meal I had during my stay in Phong Nha. It was outstanding! Thanks to Ben from Phong Nha Farmstay for that!

I hope this place can hold on to this standard. Already looking forward to heading back.

There are other backpacker places serving local food dotted around the valley too. You’ll come across them as you cycle around.

And Phong Nha Farmstay’s restaurant isn’t far away if you're looking for more international flavours.

Moi Moi - Bong Lai Valley
Phong Nha Farmstay - 8kms from Phong Nha town