Ha Giang hotels guide

Candid, independent reviews of the best places to stay in Ha Giang. From quality traveller digs to luxury hotels - handpicked by Rusty Compass.

Ha Giang hotels guide


| 15 Jan 2013
Last updated 15 Jan 2013

Ha Giang province has seen little tourism development to date so hotels are basic but more than adequate. Enjoy the raw simplicity of the area while you still can.

We stopped in Ha Giang, Dong Van and Meo Vac during our trip. If time permits, you may also want to stop somewhere like Tam Son, Quan Ba where there are also basic hotels.

There are also a number of simple homestays in local villages that are dotted around the countryside that would make for an enjoyable overnight stop.

Here is a list of the hotels I stayed in during my late 2012 visit.

Ha Giang accommodation

We took a look at a bunch of hotels downtown in Ha Giang but there's little point being in town when there is a nice simple resort style hotel in the mountains just outside town.

Truong Xuan Resort, Ha Giang
Telephone - +842193811102
Email - hagiangresort@gmail.com

Located on Highway 4 about 8 Kilometres from Ha Giang Town, Truong Xuan Resort features simple bungalows in a picturesque mountain setting overlook a river. It's a good base for village walks too. It's priced at less than US$50. Includes wifi.

Dong Van accommodation

It's all basic here and I stayed at the Rocky Plateau Hotel. Even for a basic hotel, I didn't think the bed linen was as clean as it should be so Rocky Plateau was a disappointment.

Took a wander around town (all the hotels are close by the centre) and preferred the look of the Hoang Ngoc Hotel.

Hoang Ngoc Hotel
Main street of Dong Van
Tel: +84219 3 856020
Email: hoangngochotel2@gmail.com
Free wifi
Under $20USD

Meo Vac accommodation

The main hotel in Meo Vac is the Hoa Cuong and it's surprisingly good for its 1 star rating. It's also only 100 metres from the market.

Hoa Cuong Hotel
Meo Vac town centre
(+84) 2193 871 888
Under US$20