Mekong Chau Doc eating guide

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Mekong Chau Doc
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| 17 May 2014
Last updated 17 May 2014

There are plenty of good local eateries to cover off a couple of days in Chau Doc.

Mekong Restaurant is one of Chau Doc's oldest eateries and one of the most popular with travellers. It's right opposite the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel and has been a traveller standard since the 90s. The food's good and its setting, in the grounds of an early twentieth century French colonial villa, is a big part of its appeal.

The villa was once the home of the senior Nguyen Dynasty official in the area and the current owner,  Mr Nghiep, is a direct descendant. You'll see him around the place.

Mekong Restaurant may be a standard traveller stop but don't expect a whole lot of English to be spoken here.

If you're feeling the need for familiar flavours and atmosphere, Club Bassac Restaurant at the Victoria Chau Doc serves local and western standards.

There are a handful of simple local seafood eateries along the river that are also fine. I had good meals at Quan Dong Song and Quan Phuong on Le Loi St. If they look empty from the street, it's because diners tend to be out the back enjoying the cooler air and views over the river.

Like all Vietnamese towns, Chau Doc has lots of more local "com binh dan" (translates as "ordinary people's rice") eateries and street stalls - especially around the central market. I also tried a few of these and came away without any regrets.

Restaurant addresses in Chau Doc

Mekong Restaurant, 41 Le Loi opposite Victoria Chau Doc
Bassac Club, Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, Le Loi St, Chau Doc
Dong Song Restaurant - 7M Le Loi St, Chau Doc
Phuong Restaurant - Le Loi St, Chau Doc
Chau Doc's main Market is also along Le Loi St