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Mekong - My Tho
see and do guide


| 20 Dec 2011
Last updated 20 Dec 2011

Most travellers to My Tho take the 3 hour boat tour and lunch, before heading back to Saigon. Those spending a few days in the Mekong Delta tend to pass right through My Tho - which makes sense since the river and delta life get more interesting further on.

Those with an interest in Vietnam war history should make a point of stopping at Ap Bac outside My Tho. It was here that the Viet Cong won their first major victory over US backed South Vietnamese forces.

Ap Bac, My Tho

One of the most symbolically significant of Vietnam's battlefields. It was here in 1963, that the Viet Cong won their first... Read more


Ap Bac, My Tho
Between My Tho and Vinh Long just off the main road.


My Tho boat trip

Convoys of coaches leave Saigon each morning to meet a flotilla small craft that carry travellers through Mekong River canals,... Read more