Mekong - Vinh Long eating guide

An independent selection of the best eateries from fine dining to street food in Mekong - Vinh Long, from Rusty Compass. No paid endorsements.

Mekong - Vinh Long
eating guide


| 30 Dec 2011
Last updated 30 Dec 2011

There are plenty of local restaurants on the Vinh Long waterfront but you're not likely to spend much time in town. Homestays on An Binh island usually provide breakfast and good local cuisine for dinner. That leaves lunch - and you're likely to arrange that as part of a boat trip on the Mekong.

The Mekong Delta's fresh food produce from fish to fruit and vegetables is a highlight of a stay here. You're not likely to visit without being offered Elephant Ear fish, a local specialty that's mandatorily served up to visitors. Fortunately it's delicious.

Make sure you also experiment with the amazing range of tropical fruits grown in the area like rambutan, jack fruit, durian, pomelo, longan and much more.