Danang eating guide

An independent selection of the best eateries from fine dining to street food in Danang, from Rusty Compass. No paid endorsements.

Danang eating guide


| 08 Feb 2019
Last updated 08 Feb 2019

Danang’s always been a good place to eat local food. The rich seafood bounty from Vietnam’s long coastline, combined with access to local farming, means good and inexpensive Vietnamese cuisine abounds. With tourists suddenly hitting the city in big numbers, the restaurant scene is also taking off - new international and local dining options are opening constantly. There are some cool little cafes too.


Danang is suddenly a player in Vietnam’s lively culinary scene. Here are our picks of the best places to eat in Danang. Scroll down for our favourite cafes.



Recommended Restaurants in Danang



Fatfish Danang

If you’re looking for some innovative modern cuisine, chef Duc Tran, who made his name in Hoi An at Mango Rooms and Mango Mango, has opened Fatfish on the eastern bank of the river. This is a special Danang experience in food and atmosphere - especially if you missed Duc’s work in Hoi An.

Address: Fatfish Danang  439 Tran Hung Dao, Danang

Chef Tran Duc, Fat Fish Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Chef Tran Duc, Fat Fish Danang


Waterfront Restaurant

The riverfront on Bach Dang St Danang has quite a few resto-bar style eateries. The most popular is Waterfront, owned by long time Hoi An and Danang resident, Australian Nick Hatton. Waterfront serves quality pub-style food in a friendly, airy environment. It also doubles up as a popular bar with regular DJs and live music.

Address: Waterfront Danang  150 Bach Dang st, Da Nang

Waterfront restaurant, Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Waterfront restaurant, Danang




Aji Ichi Ramen

Laid-back little ramen noodles joint on Hoang Van Thu St. Imano the owner throws out the welcome mat. Popular with Danang expats.

Address: Aji Ichi Ramen 3 Hoang Van Thu, Da Nang, Vietnam

Ajiichi ramen noodles, Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Ajiichi ramen noodles, Danang




Bun Cha Ca Ba Phien Danang

Bun Cha Ca is a Danang specialty and Ba Phien’s is one of the best-loved places serving it. Bun Cha Ca consists of bun noodles, a delicious fish cake, with herbs and tasty vegetable infused broth - not to be confused with bun cha or cha ca served in Hanoi.  There’s only one dish on the menu from memory so ordering is straightforward.

Address: Bun Cha Ca Ba Phien, 63 Le Hong Phong Danang

Bun Cha Ca Ba Phien, Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Bun Cha Ca Ba Phien, Danang




Luna Pub

Luna is a buzzing Italian restaurant and bar back off the river in downtown Danang. It's a favourite with the expat community and more locals are discovering the place too. The food's good, the ambience is friendly and lively. Luna also regularly hosts live music.

Address: Luna Pub, 9 Trần Phú, Thạch Thang, Đà Nẵng, Vietnam

Luna Italian Restaurant, Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Luna Italian Restaurant, Danang




Madame Lan's Restaurant Danang

Most of Danang's local cuisine experiences are very local - which is great. If you're feel like something with a little more atmosphere, you might like to try Madame Lan's in a nicely done recreation of a colonial building. It's a tourist favourite with indoor and outdoor dining right by the river.The food's good. Staff seemed a tad unaccustomed to dealing with customers. But definitely worth a try.

Address: Madame Lan's Danang,  4 Bach Dang, Danang

Madame Lan restaurant, Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Madame Lan restaurant, Danang




Pho Bac Hai Danang

These guys serve Northern style pho in the centre of town. Owned by a husband and wife team from Nam Dinh outside Hanoi, they’re friendly hosts and the pho’s good. Swing bowl for a bowl.

Address: Pho Bac Hai, 185 Tran Phu St, Danang

Pho Bac Hai, Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Pho Bac Hai, Danang




Nuong Da Thanh Barbecue

A slightly upmarket take on the local barbecue eatery in central Danang serving ribs, grilled chicken, seafood and loads more. Perfect for dinner and a few beers. Great buzz, open feel friendly staff.

Address: Nuong Da Thanh, 105 - 107 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang - not far from the Cham Museum

Nuong Da Thanh Barbecue, Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Nuong Da Thanh Barbecue, Danang




Burger Republic Danang

Proper burgers in a cute and welcoming little spot in downtown Danang. From memory, the French colonial era building was once a police lockup. You wouldn’t know it now. It’s a charmer. Tram, the boss, is a Danang local and an old friend. Say hi.

Address: Burger Republic, 33 Hoang Van Thu St, Danang 

Tram - the boss at Burger Republic
Photo: Mark Bowyer Tram - the boss at Burger Republic




Pizza 4P’s, Danang

Vietnam’s most famous pizza - a Japanese reinterpretation - has arrived in Danang. Pizza 4P’s became a cult in Saigon before heading north to Hanoi. The move to Danang was inevitable. Danang’s embrace of Pizza 4P’s looked a little less frenzied than Saigon’s on our visits - which may make it a good place to try the Pizza 4P’s experience. Apart from some cracking pizzas, these guys also serve pastas, salads and craft beers.

Address: Pizza 4P’s Danang, 8 Hoang Van Thu St, Danang

Pizza 4p's Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Pizza 4p's Danang




Quan Ba Be Danang

My Danang native friend assured me that this is a Danang eatery - but the dishes looked much more like those we’ve come to know and love in Hue - banh beo, banh nam, banh uot and so on. The owners are from Hue too - but they’ve been in Danang since the Tet Offensive of 1968. This is a great place to try Hue cuisine that’s taken on some Danang character.

Address: Quan Ba Be Danang, 100  Hoang Van Thu, Danang

Madam Be of  Quan Ba Be
Photo: Mark Bowyer Madam Be of Quan Ba Be




Coffee and Cafes in Danang




Espresso Station Danang

The Espresso Station concept was pioneered in Hoi An and quickly become one of the old town’s most popular coffee stops.  Owner Trung set up down an alley in central Danang in 2018. Cool space, friendly staff and great coffee. It’s located across the road from the Danang cathedral.

Address: Espresso Station Danang, 4 Tran Phu, Hai Chau, Danang - in the alley opposite the main church.

Espresso Station Coffee, Danang.
Photo: Mark Bowyer Espresso Station Coffee, Danang.




Cafe Den Da Danang

One of the most popular local coffee shops in town, Cafe DenDa has outlets across the country. They served local coffee and espresso.  Located in an old warehouse-style space, it’s busy with young locals. Comfortable spot for a coffee, a chat and some people-watching in the centre of town.

Address: Cafe Den Da Danang 06 Tran Quoc Toan, Danang

Cafe Den Da, Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Cafe Den Da, Danang




Nam House Danang

Vietnam’s retro cafe craze has arrived in Danang. Nam House sprawls over two floors littered with old reel to reel recorders, radios and other old junk with old black and white pics hanging on the walls. Good place to hang out with a young local crowd over a Vietnamese coffee.

Address: 15/1 Le Hong Phong, Phuoc Ninh, Hai Chau, Danang - down the lane.

Nam House Cafe, Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Nam House Cafe, Danang




Six on Six Cafe

This may be the best combination of cafe food, coffee and ambience we’ve found in Danang. Staff are great. Six on Six serves a concise menu of breakfast and lunch dishes like homemade granola, scrambled eggs and asparagus, falafel, BLT and more. They take their coffee seriously too - whether you want Vietnamese style or espresso style. There’s indoor and outdoor dining. Six on Six is also plastic free. It’s located in the My An expat area not far from the beach.

Address: Six on Six Cafe 6/6 Che Lan Vien My An, Danang

Six on Six Cafe, Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Six on Six Cafe, Danang


Factory 43 Coffee

This fancy coffee specialist looks like a cashed up global chain - but it’s a local creation, locally designed. Not sure whether they have global ambitions. Factory 43 is a departure from my preferred cosy little coffees stops. But the coffee’s good, and all the bells and whistles of a serious coffee specialist are on offer. Staff are friendly and helpful. Selfie obsessed locals love the place too.

Address: Factory 43 Coffee, 422 Ngo Thi Sy, Bac My An, Danang

Factory 43 Coffee, Danang
Photo: Mark Bowyer Factory 43 Coffee, Danang




Rusty Compass recommendations are always independent. We list the places we think you should know about. That's it. We've paid our way at all the places listed here and no inducement of any kind was received for a listing.