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Mango Mango Restaurant, Hoi An

| 30 Dec 2016
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Mango Mango Restaurant, Hoi An
45 Nguyen Phuc Chu
, Hoi An, Vietnam
+84 235 3911 863
Lunch and dinner


Price guide: $$$ - Most main courses more than 300K VND

Our rating
30 Dec 2016

American Vietnamese chef Tran Duc first made a name for himself in Hoi An more than a decade ago serving contemporary Asian cuisine at Mango Rooms. The formula worked so well that a few years later he opened Mango Mango. The cuisine is similar in style, the menu and setting quite different. In 2016, Duc expanded Mango Mango - and this is also a great place to grab a cocktail in Hoi An.

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When the popularity of Tran Duc’s Mango Rooms became too much, he found a space a few hundred metres away across the Thu Bon River and opened Mango Mango. The two restaurants are siblings in every way - drawing on similar inspiration, similar flavour experimentation and with a similar friendly, funky feel.

But they’re quite different too. Mango Mango is a brighter, more airy space with a different perspective on Hoi An - and there’s plenty that sets the menus apart too.

Like Mango Rooms, Mango Mango is fancy - in a cool and relaxed kind of way. A good fit for Hoi An.

Pop by in the late afternoon for a cocktail or a glass of wine - and stay around for dinner.

Most starters are around $5USD and most mains range either side of $20USD.

And if Duc looks familiar, it might be because he's cooked with celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Luke Nguyen.

Rusty Compass listings are always independent. We list the stuff we think’s worth knowing about. We’ve paid our way on many visits to Mango Mango. We’ve also received the occasional freebie from Duc and Ly who are old friends.

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