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Vy's Market restaurant, Hoi An

| 23 Jul 2015
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Vy's Market restaurant, Hoi An
3 Nguyen Hoang Street, An Hoi Islet, Hoi An
Lunch and dinner


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23 Jul 2015

Vy’s Market is another offering from the ever-enterprising Hoi An restaurateur Diem Vy. It’s a large food court of Vietnamese cuisine and a good spot for those a little hesitant about dipping their toes in street food.

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Vietnamese street food has been going upmarket for years now in places like Saigon and Hanoi. And Diem Vy has brought the concept to Hoi An.

Vy’s a Hoi An culinary veteran, owning tourist restaurants since the early 90s. Her other restaurants include - Morning Glory, Cargo and Mermaid.

Vy’s Market is a comfortable spot to explore the flavours of Vietnamese cuisine or grab a quick tasty bite.

The feel is of a large food court, but there are lots of fiddly Vietnamese dishes on offer here that would never find their way into food court menus in the west.

Staff are good - and are armed with iPads to ease the ordering process.

Take a stroll around the stalls. You can be fairly adventurous if you wish - or stay with reliable Vietnamese favourites.

Vy's Market also runs regular cooking classes.

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